Bespoke experience..

When Valentino Ricci takes the measurement of his customers or makes a try is always a moment in which spends all of himself. The passion that moves his job you can see on the face of the customers and on his, you can feel it in the athmosphere around that he creates, There is something almost “dramatic”; He is able to feel each part of his job , on himself, stitching, cutting, style , lightness, he lives every time a different experience and the same he promises to make live to his customers.
This is purity of his passion.

Pride and sacrifice

When “technical people of the sector” appreciate your job is the moment when you can be proud for your efforts and sacrifices.


Black and White collection winter 2017/2018.

_MG_3490The collection that Sciamat proposes for next winter is all focused on a two-color premise that says it all about the purpose to be achieved, and with that, the man who wants to encourage and highlight.
A determined man, with great historical memory, strictly oriented to a classic taste, (I would say almost dogmatic) and at the same time knowledge of the “rules” of the dressing to the point of becoming able to upset them while following them.
current proportions, gold widths, styles and shapes so old as new (it’s appropriate to say the eternal), within a range that with this duotone wants to help the “reader” to stay focused on the lines, the fit, the stylistic aspects the object of the collection items and avoid distractions course offerings related to multicolor, full of special effects, frills, of one hundred thousand leaders who, in an attempt to say everything, they end up not saying anything; and indeed, they lead to decisions that are poured in all streams of abbigliamentistico district, compromising ab initio the choices of those who buy to resell or, at the end, of those who buy to dress.
It ‘a silent effort, but aware, we deem necessary, even with the greatest modesty that always distinguishes us want, to bring order to a grammar of taste too influenced by compounds as exhibitionist as confused, with the limits of a “illegality” of ‘offering.