Project “shoes”.

6872 goodyear6872 -goodyear_MG_4015_MG_4017New goal of Sciamat has been to realize a shoes that could contain beauty and comfort; ambitious project that takes form every day and on each shoes sewn by hand like want Sciamat’s tradition.
The best leathers sewn in processing goodyear perfectly recognizable
because the upper, in correspondence of the seam, it is covered with respect to the edge of the sole.
The right shoes under the right suit!

Bespoke experience..

When Valentino Ricci takes the measurement of his customers or makes a try is always a moment in which spends all of himself. The passion that moves his job you can see on the face of the customers and on his, you can feel it in the athmosphere around that he creates, There is something almost “dramatic”; He is able to feel each part of his job , on himself, stitching, cutting, style , lightness, he lives every time a different experience and the same he promises to make live to his customers.
This is purity of his passion.

Pre-collection winter 2017/ 2018.

Harris tweed, pied de poule and checks for the new collection winter 18, monochrome, come to see in Pitti at next January.

The perfect style!

khaled perfect styleThere’s a category of men of which the elegance is in deportment, in the eyes, in the heart .
We are very proud to have these men like fans and like friends.