Waiting for New Year’s Eve

what better time to wear a tuxedo and tartan shettland vintage , unique at world…
perhaps at a year-end party in the mountains .. umh! Amazing!

When the tailoring is partecipated..

Valentino Ricci to his customers more passionate gives them the pleasure to do one operation on the jacket that he has commissioned : the cut or  put some  points over the fabric . The customer has fun and joy to see grow his creation and  has the sensation to have contributed to make his jacket and HE feels artist for one day.


Embroidery of the buttonholes, only with the best silks.


Double half a point called “andata e ritorno”


Preparation and cutting linings for the front of jacket.


A lot of stiches finishing inside the pocket,  in south italy called  “fendarella”.

Sciamat’s symphony

Every day in  Sciamat’s tailoring   performs a real orchestra;  the which unique instruments used are  the needle and thread in the  hard-working   hands and  careful  to the direction of theirs teacher Valentino Ricci.